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06/08/18 - Arriving in Iceland and exploring Reykjavik!

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id: 51965
Topaz found some sushi in the airport
id: 51966
If you insist
id: 51967
This is one hell of a duty free shop
id: 51968
How we got to Reykjavik
id: 51969
Topaz seems unsure about this bus
id: 51970
Neat looking airport
id: 51971
This place looks like Mars! I love the truck and its dust trail
id: 51972
Nice little house
id: 51973
id: 51974
The only style I know
id: 51975
I only want HappyCars
id: 51976
The view from our hotel room. Very cool
id: 51977
We asked for a room with two beds and they gave us a way bigger room for free
id: 51978
Now you can work and hide in the curtains at the same time
id: 51979
Icelandic Engrish!
id: 51980
Bright colors are a must around here
id: 51981
What'd you call me?
id: 51982
Walking in to Reykjavik
id: 51983
Hmm.. not the Monaco I know
id: 51984
id: 51985
This is where most of the action in Reykjavik, and really in Iceland, is
id: 51986
Topaz needed a hat and was having fun
id: 51987
Getting near the water
id: 51988
This is one sturdy food shack. I hear these hot dogs are great
id: 51989
More shops
id: 51990
This is it!
id: 51991
Whoa. Calm down, uncle
id: 51992
No Taakos in the Chicken Zone
id: 51993
I appreciate the "please pay here" sign
id: 51994
This Viking beer was fantastic. I can't find it anywhere!
id: 51995
Lots of people out and about
id: 51996
We didn't check out this video game museum but it looked cool
id: 51997
Nice art!
id: 51998
I took a picture of that church everyone takes a picture of
id: 51999
Angry seals
id: 52000
This milk dude is so weird
id: 52001
As we all hope to be
id: 52002
That hockey powder the Giant Bomb guys hate!
id: 52003
Our hotel
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