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06/09/18 - Exploring the continental divide in Iceland

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id: 52004
So many tourists
id: 52005
This is the tour to see all the tourists
id: 52006
This flat area is where the two tectonic plates meet. It's slowly expanding
id: 52007
Looks nice
id: 52008
I forget what that little house is. Something about the prime minister having meetings there
id: 52009
A lot of people think these big cliffs are the divide. They're not
id: 52010
Lakes and stuff!
id: 52011
Panorama at the divide
id: 52012
Is this the divide?
id: 52013
I really dug the clouds and lighting in Iceland. While the occasional sunlight was nice, I found the extremely low clouds and lack of trees to be really interesting
id: 52014
id: 52015
It was a little drizzly, hence all the umbrellas
id: 52016
Clouds and rocks
id: 52017
Rocks and moss
id: 52018
It's tough to get shots without tourists in them. But I guess I'm part of the problem
id: 52019
So is Topaz
id: 52020
Rocks and grass!
id: 52021
And tourists!
id: 52022
Check out this goose!
id: 52023
Let's all check out this goose
id: 52024
It's such an interesting landscape
id: 52025
Getting closer to that house
id: 52026
The mountains are in the clouds now
id: 52027
More of the flat landscape
id: 52028
Grass and rocks
id: 52029
Grass and moss
id: 52030
And water!
id: 52031
So picturesque
id: 52032
id: 52033
Don't throw money in here
id: 52034
Can we throw money at this?
id: 52035
id: 52036
Perhaps lichen?
id: 52037
The water looked cold
id: 52038
id: 52039
id: 52040
So much grass
id: 52041
The cliffs are cool
id: 52042
Little bridge
id: 52043
Hey guess what. It's rocks
id: 52044
Little waterfalls!
id: 52045
id: 52046
id: 52047
Maybe I should just stop captioning these
id: 52048
Got it
id: 52049
I want to see someone try to import of all Iceland into a video game
id: 52050
Tour bus POV
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