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06/09/18 - Checking out some hot springs and the original Geyser!

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id: 52051
No drones!
id: 52052
Risky place
id: 52053
There was weird-smelling hot steam everywhere
id: 52054
Sulfury steam!
id: 52055
Hot water!
id: 52056
This place is so strange even when you know how it works. It must have blown ye olde people's minds
id: 52057
id: 52058
id: 52059
Steamy pond!
id: 52060
Don't fall in
id: 52061
Little geyser
id: 52062
The original geyser! The word is based on the name for this particular natural formation
id: 52063
Steamy water falls away
id: 52064
Topaz touches the water in this very flattering photo that definitely won't cause him to delete this photo off of our server
id: 52065
id: 52066
Hot rocks
id: 52067
Sand and steam
id: 52068
Steam and sand
id: 52069
id: 52070
Red dirt. Looks like on Mars
id: 52071
You can see one of the attempts at making wind-breaking tree lines in the background
id: 52072
Mars in a few hundred years?
id: 52073
Steam pond
id: 52074
The blue water in the center was neat
id: 52075
So blue!
id: 52076
This is what it looked like when the wind changed direction. That shadow on the right is Topaz
id: 52077
Steamy landscape
id: 52078
Silt and stuff
id: 52079
That's an intense tour bus
id: 52080
What do you want for lunch?
id: 52081
I hate sykur
id: 52082
Did Bryce write this?
id: 52083
A horse!
id: 52084
Hello horse
id: 52085
Topaz likes horses
id: 52086
Looking down the road
id: 52087
"Horse candy?" "It's literally just hay"
id: 52088
Salt block?
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