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06/09/18 - Gullfoss! A big crazy trianglar waterfall

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id: 52089
I don't know what it is about this bleak landscape that I find so appealing
id: 52090
Wandering into the distance
id: 52091
I want this to be my house
id: 52092
When I first saw this I thought that the water fell off away from me too. But no, that's the wall
id: 52093
It's gorgeous
id: 52094
Cliffs and water
id: 52095
I think it's cooler than Niagara Falls
id: 52096
The path gets a little wet
id: 52097
Gullfoss panorama
id: 52098
Don't get too close to the edge
id: 52099
Hang in there, rocks
id: 52100
Tourist pen
id: 52101
id: 52102
Another angle on Gullfoss
id: 52103
People for scale
id: 52104
I didn't go down there. We didn't have a ton of time
id: 52105
Waves of mist buffeting the shore
id: 52106
Looking back at Gullfoss. The tourist pen is on the right
id: 52107
id: 52108
id: 52109
id: 52110
So misty
id: 52111
Nice looking waterfalll
id: 52112
Bye, Gullfoss
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