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06/09/18 - Exploring Kerid Crater. Formally a volcano, now a lake!

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id: 52365
That is a really distinctive lake
id: 52366
Poor Topaz. The wind blew right as I took this picture and sort of inflated his jacket. The hood is his fault though
id: 52367
I, however, am clearly a cool guy
id: 52368
Looking down into the crater
id: 52369
I wonder how many tourists roll into this every year
id: 52370
Neat red soil
id: 52371
Peeking over the edge
id: 52372
Rocks and mud
id: 52373
I had fun playing with the focal plane here
id: 52374
The lake! It's pretty small. Sort of a giant pool. You can tell by the spots on the picture that it was lightly raining
id: 52375
Looking away from the crater
id: 52376
People for scale on the right
id: 52377
Hang in there, plants
id: 52378
Peeking over another edge
id: 52379
Trees! A rare sight in Iceland. They're trying!
id: 52380
Not many trees outside of the spots that they're specifically trying to grow them
id: 52381
continuing to make my way around the edge
id: 52382
There was a path down to the water but I didn't want to take away from picture time up on the rim
id: 52383
Rocks and moss
id: 52384
Those wide angle shots earlier were taken from where those two people on the left are standing
id: 52385
id: 52386
id: 52387
Rocks and grass!
id: 52388
180 degrees around the crater from the wide angle shots
id: 52389
Topaz makes his way back up from the water. If you check his photo batch there's a shot from water level
id: 52390
Elevators are fun
id: 52391
id: 52392
Topaz was into this gross yogurt-like stuff
id: 52393
Stocking up for the night. It took me a while to put my finger on what was strange about this store.. no music playing! It was just dead silent
id: 52394
Even in Iceland there are scams
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