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06/10/18 - Headed to the beach and checking out Skogafoss on the way

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id: 52113
Heinous crime, even in Iceland!
id: 52114
The landscape has plumes of steam from hot springs
id: 52115
These electricity towers look pretty cool
id: 52116
We had to stop the van and wait for someone who got left behind, but we stopped in a pretty picturesque location
id: 52117
id: 52118
Topaz loves Iceland
id: 52119
I'm in Iceland!
id: 52120
More steaming hot springs and geothermal vents
id: 52121
Such a cool looking landscape
id: 52122
A lot of food is grown in greenhouses
id: 52123
Icelandic houses have some pretty intense insulation
id: 52124
Steaming landscape. Watch out for holes that might open in the ground!
id: 52125
I do not like the look on this pig's face one bit
id: 52126
Tour bus POV
id: 52127
How come Iceland gets to have a Quiznos??
id: 52128
Clouds and hills
id: 52129
I found a convenient place to put my tinny espresso cup
id: 52130
In a land of volcanoes and glaciers you encounter some pretty intense vehicles
id: 52131
id: 52132
Such low clouds
id: 52133
There's still some ice in the wrinkles of the hills that the sun doesn't reach
id: 52134
Gorgeous landscapes
id: 52135
Little waterfalls!
id: 52136
Lots of grass and moss, not many trees
id: 52137
Tall wispy waterfalll
id: 52138
You can see the mountain just sort of sliding away
id: 52139
I like the rock-guard trees. The tour guides say no house has ever been wiped out by a rolling rock but I guess no one wants to be the first
id: 52140
Hill? Mountain? You be the judge. Or ask a geologist I guess
id: 52141
id: 52142
We didn't have a ton of time, so rather than go up for an elevated view I went close to the waterfall
id: 52143
No drones! But Shiba Inus are ok
id: 52144
id: 52145
I'd be nervous about rolling rocks
id: 52146
That's a big waterfall
id: 52147
I think it looks nicer than Niagara Falls. Even with the tourists
id: 52148
You can just walk up to it!
id: 52149
Getting creative
id: 52150
Water vs ground
id: 52151
A tripod would've been handy
id: 52152
Topaz walking back from his waterfall close encounter
id: 52153
I hid under a little natural shelf
id: 52154
The water was churned up into little waves
id: 52155
It was loud and windy
id: 52156
These rocks are hanging in here
id: 52157
Peeking out from cover
id: 52158
How close can we get?
id: 52159
OK, this might be too close
id: 52160
Goodbye, Skogafoss!
id: 52161
A glacier!! We'll see more of this later. Or maybe it's another glacier, I can't remember
id: 52162
Everyone in the Dacia, we're heading to Pochinki!
id: 52163
Photographer Topaz
id: 52164
Photographer and photo!
id: 52165
One of our tourmates getting in close for a shot
id: 52166
Cool cliffs
id: 52167
I wonder if it gets old when you live here
id: 52168
These islands almost look like something out of a game
id: 52169
Bust out the wide angle
id: 52170
id: 52171
I love how the clouds lead to really different lighting conditions. The foreground is in sunlight and the hills are in shade
id: 52172
It's easier to see the lighting here
id: 52173
The beach!
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