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06/10/18 - Next up, the Reynisfjara black sand beach

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id: 52174
id: 52175
Let's grab lunch real quick
id: 52176
Paragliders coming for a landing
id: 52177
Obligatory selfie stick
id: 52178
More incredible landscapes
id: 52179
Seems fine
id: 52180
Safety Topaz
id: 52181
I think I get the message
id: 52182
Hey guys, did you know there are scary waves here?
id: 52183
Topaz enjoying his lunch on the go
id: 52184
Whoa, that's a cave
id: 52185
Topaz really nursing that sandwich
id: 52186
Such a strange looking cliff
id: 52187
So very climbable
id: 52188
id: 52189
Walking down onto the beach
id: 52190
Topaz considers his approach
id: 52191
And away he goes
id: 52192
id: 52193
T-pose falling
id: 52194
OK my turn
id: 52195
I'm an expert alpinist
id: 52196
Just thinkin' about Iceland things
id: 52197
Hi Topaz
id: 52198
It's a nice little seat
id: 52199
Kate specifically told me not to turn my back on the scary waves, so of course I turned my back on the scary waves.. briefly
id: 52200
Looking back up at the hexagons
id: 52201
Non-scary waves
id: 52202
Part of the landscape still hanging in there
id: 52203
Going to greet the scary waves
id: 52204
I touched it!
id: 52205
Well that was fun. And I survived!
id: 52206
Nap time?
id: 52207
Closeup of the "sand". It was more like gravel
id: 52208
id: 52209
Intriguing landscape features in the distance. I didn't want to miss some of the photo shots around here but Topaz made a run for it
id: 52210
Looking further up the hill
id: 52211
I wonder if these hexagons ever fall off?
id: 52212
Into the cave
id: 52213
id: 52214
If you just go in a straight line you hit no land until Antarctica!
id: 52215
It's really an incredible sight
id: 52216
Looking down the beach that Topaz went running down
id: 52217
The soil/grass layer on top of the rocks is neat
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