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06/10/18 - While in Iceland I lent Topaz my camera. Let's see what he shot! (Captions by Topaz!)

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id: 52320
yatpay took this to demonstrate the risks of integer overflows in camera UIs.
id: 52321
The area around our hotel. It was this bright and this cloudy regardless of the time of day.
id: 52322
id: 52323
View from our tour van.
id: 52324
This is what the landscape looks like forever in every direction. It's like a barely-terraformed Mars.
id: 52325
Continental divide. Very touristy.
id: 52326
Incredible view, though.
id: 52327
This boardwalk is great because the rocks are sharp and slippery.
id: 52328
Geyser water; it comes out at 100C, so even here downstream it's extremely hot.
id: 52329
I love these foggy alien landscapes.
id: 52330
Surprisingly, the path and the boiling water are not very far apart.
id: 52331
yatpay waiting to catch the geyser erupt.
id: 52332
This pool was constantly steaming and fogging up the camera. Getting this shot required a lot of patience, just the right wind direction, and luck.
id: 52333
Such a cool color!
id: 52334
Meanwhile, over in the boiling pools of doom...
id: 52335
This is why yatpay has no fingerprints any more.
id: 52336
We were slightly ahead of schedule so we got to visit the tiny horses!
id: 52337
Nobody doesn't love the tiny horses.
id: 52338
Like I said, this is the landscape everywhere, forever in every direction. This path leads to Gullfoss, a huge waterfall!
id: 52339
Gullfoss! I went all the way down to the lower area; it was worth the hike.
id: 52340
The river disappears into a super pretty ravine; this is one of the places you can't easily capture in pictures.
id: 52341
yatpay demonstrates proper technique.
id: 52342
This volcano is also a lake! A lakeano! I went all the way down to the viewing area at the surface.
id: 52343
Nearby cinder cones that aren't lakes.
id: 52344
The view from the lake; you can also walk all the way around the ridge.
id: 52345
The walk around the ridge; yatpay is taking it all in.
id: 52346
Hooray! Iceland!
id: 52347
A little stripmall we stopped at.
id: 52348
This is Skogafoss, one of the largest Fosses in Iceland. Nobody has built a larger Foss since. Nobody knows what a Foss is.
id: 52349
At this distance you still get wet pretty quickly; the camera doesn't show just how much moisture is in the air.
id: 52350
id: 52351
The waterfall distracts people from the rest of the incredible scenery.
id: 52352
I waited to get this shot of the paraglider landing.
id: 52353
This is Reynisfjara, a famous black sand beach with huge hexagonal basalt columns just like Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland has.
id: 52354
Big glacier! It's much bigger in person.
id: 52355
I tried to get shots of yatpay since there aren't many mirrors in most of his pictures.
id: 52356
Tour Guide: Don't go too far! Don't go down to the water! yatpay: Okay, I'm going to go past the barrier and touch the water. (JP note: it was a small sign, not a barrier!)
id: 52357
I bet it was worth it, though.
id: 52358
I'm pretty sure this is one frame in a rapid-fire sequence of yatpay walking past me.
id: 52359
This is Seljalandsfoss. I stood under it and got so wet that my phone wouldn't turn on.
id: 52360
yatpay took this photo to prove how cool he is.
id: 52361
It's okay to zone out after a long day, even if it's during a "vacation"!
id: 52362
This little convenience store was several meals. It was actually very good food!
id: 52363
yatpay took this photo to show a new battle scar. (Drying out water that got under the dial and made it malfunction)
id: 52364
yatpay took this to demonstrate proper technique for drying off a very wet camera.
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