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06/11/18 - The seemingly never-ending London/Iceland trip finally comes to and end. Time to fly home!

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id: 52395
Topaz played FTL while I played The Adventure Zone at him (note the phone on the corner of the desk)
id: 52396
This shot is right outside our hotel. Nothing unusual, right? Check out the timestamp. It was taken at 12:04am!!
id: 52397
It's so bright out, this is crazy!
id: 52398
I think the sun technically set but for all intents and purposes there is no night at this time of year
id: 52399
We thought this "9 Manns" thing in the elevator was funny every time
id: 52400
Topaz wanted to check out this server but I didn't want to be kicked out of the hotel
id: 52401
At first I thought these cranes were a Skycoaster
id: 52402
Bye Topaz! Have a good flight!
id: 52403
Goodbye Iceland!
id: 52404
Neat country
id: 52405
And I finally have passport stamps!
id: 52406
Passing the time on the plane with one last taste of Iceland. Those sandwiches were actually pretty great
id: 52407
It took me a bit to realize that these are giant chunks of ice
id: 52408
id: 52409
Swirly ice
id: 52410
Looking towards the North Pole
id: 52411
Very hospitable land
id: 52412
This looks like where I'd go to build something in Minecraft
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