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06/30/18 - It's Dan's birthday! Let's play dumb games

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id: 52413
Epi's hiding spot is not very secretive
id: 52414
Dan and Chris
id: 52415
Also Chris, but a different Chris
id: 52416
Tony in the snack zone
id: 52417
Ryan contemplates being a door guard
id: 52418
Dan's not quite sure what to make of the challenges from this dumb game
id: 52419
Katie's into it
id: 52420
So is Chris
id: 52421
Dan says beer is fun
id: 52422
Ha, I like Tony's shirt
id: 52423
Mike tries to interpret the rules on a high stakes 40-point challenge
id: 52424
Katie's turn
id: 52425
Can Katie balance a soda can on her head?
id: 52426
The challenge was to walk across the room with a can on your head
id: 52427
The moment Chris failed
id: 52428
Ryan's rock steady
id: 52429
Russ succeeded in style
id: 52430
Dan succeeded with an unorthodox, and precarious, solutions
id: 52431
Ryan got a marker tattoo for this challenge
id: 52432
I don't even know what's going on at this point. We had to make an obstacle course out of furniture or something
id: 52433
"Is this really happening?"
id: 52434
Again, Russ with the style
id: 52435
id: 52436
Oh wait, I guess it's yoga
id: 52437
Ryan can't handle this game anymore and has chosen to be blind
id: 52438
Are we about to break Dan's arms?
id: 52439
Yes, we are about to break Dan's arms. Natalia is just going to watch
id: 52440
Katie will fix his bones.
id: 52441
Time to blow out the candles!
id: 52442
And make a crumb mess!
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