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06/30/18 - Daily slice of life photos for June 2018

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id: 52443
Some Icelandic candy I brought back to the office
id: 52444
The "Polly" was sort of Russian Roulette cause one of the three flavors tasted sort of like how superglue smells. Dan's willing to roll the dice
id: 52445
"Why do you have my camera?"
id: 52446
Hey it's that guy I am. Remember when I got fat again?
id: 52447
Nerf guns are fun
id: 52448
Please don't shoot my camera, Dan
id: 52449
Viking Gold was ok, but I really liked the Viking Lager! Too bad they didn't have any in the duty free shop
id: 52450
Shouldn't the MMS team get four cakes arranged in a tetrahedron?
id: 52451
My 3d-printed calibration bunny
id: 52452
Uhoh, Joe's also got his camera today
id: 52453
Ax's purple-themed workstation
id: 52454
Stay classy, Joe
id: 52455
This is what Ian thinks of Joe's f/1.4 lens
id: 52456
My daily driver lens
id: 52457
Dan looking good in f/1.4!
id: 52458
Photos are fun
id: 52459
Yes indeed
id: 52460
I finally got an authentic Aura patch! Thanks to Tom for agreeing to a trade that honestly wasn't really in his favor. I super appreciate it
id: 52461
Katie tries out my brand new iPad with the pencil
id: 52462
Dan just wants his sushi
id: 52463
And here's my sushi
id: 52464
Buzz always looks so suspicious
id: 52465
Dan collects the nerf dart tax
id: 52466
My grass is too tall
id: 52467
This hamburger is dead
id: 52468
James loves food
id: 52469
"That's your house"
id: 52470
David's ready for soccer
id: 52471
Buzz inspects the bag
id: 52472
Creepin' on David
id: 52473
I really need to replace this NASA sticker
id: 52474
Action Neil!
id: 52475
GOES-R duck?
id: 52476
Release-lunch! We did it!
id: 52477
I don't even remember what release this was for but the gang's all here
id: 52478
Then Tom talked me into going to a bar in college park with him, David, and Justin
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