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07/08/18 - Otakon prescreenings! Dan is at Vic's house, this is weird!

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id: 52479
Worlds colliding! What is Dan doing in this kitchen?
id: 52480
Everyone ready for a lot of AMVs?
id: 52481
Vic says "proceed"
id: 52482
It's pretty much just this for like nine hours
id: 52483
Tee K.O. time! Where IS omar?
id: 52484
Katie and Mel joined us remotely for a little Jackbox
id: 52485
Hey, Rubik's Cubes are fun
id: 52486
And so is Jackbox
id: 52487
Traditional IHOP breakfast
id: 52488
Vic and Amanda are breaking their diet and are so excited
id: 52489
Mckeed doesn't do the syrup coffee anymore!
id: 52490
Hi Alan
id: 52491
I watched the British GP while we ate. I think this is Ericsson having a bad day
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