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07/31/18 - Daily slice of life photos for July 2018

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id: 52516
The scary TONS machine
id: 52517
Squirrel in the backyard!
id: 52518
I have left my mark on these cubes
id: 52519
Fancy new leather iPad case
id: 52520
I really like it! The pencil holder isn't designed with my sleeve in mind so I needed to stretch it out
id: 52521
New glasses day!
id: 52522
How I transport the LEGO Saturn V
id: 52523
The HVAC guy opened up my HVAC unit. Now I know its secrets
id: 52524
Hey.. what the hell?
id: 52525
See that pipe that goes nowhere? That's why this thing is leaking
id: 52526
The main cooling unit
id: 52527
This looks.. gross
id: 52528
This makes my house livable
id: 52529
One more shot
id: 52530
Dan tries out the 3d photo
id: 52531
I guess my neighbor is getting a new roof
id: 52532
Looking good, Dan. These are the temporary sunglasses I got when I had my eyes tested
id: 52533
Tesla Model 3 spotted in the wild!
id: 52534
Please leave the witness foil alone
id: 52535
Uhh.. Building 29, care to explain the "TEST Hole"?
id: 52536
Dan and Dan
id: 52537
Dan scooted away
id: 52538
My lawn has gotten pretty bad
id: 52539
I took some "before" photos since I finally hired a lawn guy
id: 52540
So long
id: 52541
This would've been a really cool shot if I had noticed the framing
id: 52542
The backyard is out of control. I checked what that plant is and it's not weed. Though it's probably a weed
id: 52543
The side yard is completely feral
id: 52544
Rogue trees
id: 52545
Oh god, what is that, wheat?
id: 52546
All cut!
id: 52547
It's a miracle!
id: 52548
I didn't even know there was a little fence back there!
id: 52549
Back, back wilds!
id: 52550
id: 52551
This is the look Neil gives me whenever he sees me in the backyard
id: 52552
Feral side yard tamed!
id: 52553
Grass debris. Looks like a tornado swept through
id: 52554
"Why are you taking my picture??"
id: 52555
Dan and Tom!
id: 52556
My new desk on Restore-L!
id: 52557
Giant mountain of pizza!
id: 52558
This guy is a notable solar dynamics expert but I don't want to use his name cause it'll probably draw Google searches here
id: 52559
Fascinating to hear the history of solar dynamics
id: 52560
An award from Bob!
id: 52561
Dry ice remains fun
id: 52562
And distracting
id: 52563
"Hey Joe, fix the origami ball!"
id: 52564
He can't
id: 52565
Petusky's got a ball as a "I'm moving on-site" gift
id: 52566
Justin and Dan came and found me in my office to prove that they could get in
id: 52567
A big branch fell down nextdoor!
id: 52568
It's raining so hard!
id: 52569
Uhh.... please stay off the porch
id: 52570
Getting bloodwork done!
id: 52571
These are some pretty intense clouds
id: 52572
New gutter extensions
id: 52573
Tom explaining stuff
id: 52574
id: 52575
Goddard bike!
id: 52576
I guess we should have tested the TV to make sure it works BEFORE putting it on the wall
id: 52577
I finally framed my Terra, Aqua, and Aura patches
id: 52578
I put it near the piano
id: 52579
Neil's so relaxed
id: 52580
Buzz is so asleep
id: 52581
I have begun moving in!
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