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08/08/18 - Topaz gives a regex talk at my work and then celebrates by breaking his phone

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id: 52582
Hi Topaz
id: 52583
I somehow couldn't find a pot to cook rice in, so Topaz cooked it in my teapot
id: 52584
I guess it worked
id: 52585
Once again, I capture the many faces of Topaz as he talks about programming
id: 52586
Topaz says "Ehh, could be regex, could be badger, is impossible to tell"
id: 52587
Topaz manipulates an invisible Rubik's Cube
id: 52588
Topaz has one more addition to his sandwich order
id: 52589
Topaz would like his sandwich to be this big
id: 52590
Topaz wonders why I had to use the word "Topaz" in all of these captions. It's to make my bootleg search feature work
id: 52591
A rogue pillow attacked Topaz and knocked his phone out of his hand
id: 52592
Maybe we can fix it
id: 52593
Anthony doesn't seem to sure
id: 52594
This seems like a good idea
id: 52595
There, fixed forever
id: 52596
Trimming off the extra tape
id: 52597
Don't make it worse..
id: 52598
Cutting out the little speaker was very satisfying
id: 52599
Robyn's here too! This is a couch that loves to be photographed
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