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08/13/18 - Another Otakon has come and gone. Time to pack up and his the staff party!

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id: 52758
Vic is very particular about proper cable-coiling technique
id: 52759
Amanda pulls the cables out of the booth
id: 52760
So many cables
id: 52761
Mel found.. a gross
id: 52762
Don't drop the speaker!
id: 52763
Closeup of the giant screens in the lobby
id: 52764
Feedback panel!
id: 52765
Big fancy cameras
id: 52766
Hey we know that Andy
id: 52767
Mark your calendars, everyone
id: 52768
Time to take questions
id: 52769
Oh god, please take one
id: 52770
Empty VAT
id: 52771
Carrying the last of the stuff back to the hotel room
id: 52772
Time to wait for the staff photo and the dead dog
id: 52773
Vic capsizes as the effort of the last few weeks all hits him at once
id: 52774
Good job, Vic
id: 52775
Nice picture of Amanda. Not so nice picture of Brakus
id: 52776
The rare Anthony photo
id: 52777
The old shirt is better
id: 52778
AMV department chilling on the steps
id: 52779
Hey it's Kit! Have we seen him all weekend?
id: 52780
The Otakon madness has finally gotten to Vic
id: 52781
Everyone pose!
id: 52782
Hey Omar! Get down there!
id: 52783
Mckeed sprinted to the front of the Dead Dog line
id: 52784
Everyone else got caught in the traffic jam
id: 52785
Robyn tries to hide from the camera
id: 52786
Robyn really regrets sitting directly across the table from me, where photos are easy. She moved right after this picture
id: 52787
As usual, the fine folks at the dealers room gave us some stuff to play with that no one was going to buy
id: 52788
Uhhh, definitely no one is going to buy this
id: 52789
What they hell?? Why is this a product??
id: 52790
Oh boy
id: 52791
I uh.. hmm.
id: 52792
Hey that's not so bad. A nice little figure!
id: 52793
Anime cons!
id: 52794
Someone's had a little too much
id: 52795
I hope this isn't supposed to be assembled into a person
id: 52796
Topaz's stealth cosplay
id: 52797
Lots of people having fun building stuff
id: 52798
Hey that's pretty neat
id: 52799
OK, I know the dead dog is free but... man. What..
id: 52800
"Otakon and the Goblet of Potatoes"
id: 52801
This is just gross! But the corn bread was good..
id: 52802
Time to debrief and loaf around
id: 52803
Overall a great year!
id: 52804
Who's ready for breakfast??
id: 52805
Vic's just running on autopilot, he left all his mental energy in the VAT
id: 52806
Brakus and Will want breakfast
id: 52807
No, I did not pay $6,400 for breakfast. The hotel cafe had a little uh-oh when entering my bill. Luckily they were able to void it and we had a good laugh
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