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08/19/18 - Matt the Mat comes to visit. Let's see space stuff and art stuff!

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id: 52808
Matt at the SSDIF
id: 52809
Hey, these look familiar
id: 52810
Me with a mockup of the back of Landsat 7
id: 52811
Matt for scale
id: 52812
Matt is flying to space
id: 52813
Cool DeLorean just hanging out
id: 52814
Oh no, the train crashed!
id: 52815
id: 52816
Dork patrol. (Can I join dork patrol?)
id: 52817
What a fancy dude
id: 52818
Whoa, Romulus and Remus. Welcome to the National Gallery of Art!
id: 52819
Matt likes art
id: 52820
Some of the statues are really incredible
id: 52821
This is marble!!
id: 52822
How do people make this stuff?
id: 52823
Matt checking stuff out
id: 52824
This kid is not into this monkey
id: 52825
Even the frames are works of art
id: 52826
Matt knows how to pose
id: 52827
Matt with his buddy Rembrandt
id: 52828
Closeup detail on the paint
id: 52829
Is this Waluigi???
id: 52830
Holy crap, what is wrong with this kid??
id: 52831
A da Vinci painting!
id: 52832
Matt gets in close to really examine it
id: 52833
Neat fountain
id: 52834
Pictures in pictures
id: 52835
id: 52836
Yeah, me too
id: 52837
Matt with another one of his art inspirations: Vincent van Gogh
id: 52838
Slow day in the art studio.. let's paint a mound of butter
id: 52839
Whoa, it's cool actually seeing paintings that I've seen replicated so many times
id: 52840
That's a big camera
id: 52841
The modern art is kept in here
id: 52842
Matt's head is sliding off
id: 52843
I couldn't really convey the cool motion these lights were making
id: 52844
Matt had a lot of stuff in his pockets
id: 52845
Of course, I dragged Matt around the Air and Space museum and took pictures of everything. Friendship 7!
id: 52846
id: 52847
Peering into Gemini IV
id: 52848
Off-center reentry
id: 52849
id: 52850
I like to zoom in so the photo looks like maybe it was taken on the moon
id: 52851
Maybe a decent wallpaper?
id: 52852
Another look at Gemini IV
id: 52853
id: 52854
I love the screws and washers
id: 52855
Always read the warning labels on ejection seats
id: 52856
LM-2's door
id: 52857
id: 52858
Looking into the Soyuz
id: 52859
Closeup on the hose hookups on David Scott's suit
id: 52860
id: 52861
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
id: 52862
Big line to get into Skylab
id: 52863
Hey I went there!
id: 52864
Be careful with the ELS switch when manually dumping propellant
id: 52865
Gene Cernan's suit. The last suit on the moon. (Or is this a training suit?)
id: 52866
I think this is Skylab 4's CM
id: 52867
The ergometer!
id: 52868
Switches in Skylab
id: 52869
Looking up into the Orbital Workshop
id: 52870
Wall toilet
id: 52871
Floating can!
id: 52872
Don't forget your special shoes for hooking into this
id: 52873
Matt loves Skylab
id: 52874
Let's got to the National Portrait Gallery!
id: 52875
Pretty kitty
id: 52876
Henrietta Lacks! She lives on.. sort of
id: 52877
I can get behind this sign
id: 52878
Cool roof in the atrium or whatever
id: 52879
Apollo 8!
id: 52880
Matt wanted to check out a tourist garbage shop
id: 52881
Tourist garbage!
id: 52882
There's no snow in sight, but these trucks are setup so people can't drive into the crowd
id: 52883
Matt and Washington
id: 52884
The White House has more fences than it used to
id: 52885
Matt loves America!
id: 52886
Matt hates trump
id: 52887
Washington and Jefferson
id: 52888
What it actually looks like outside the White House
id: 52889
"Can I take your picture?" "Well.. I can't really stop you"
id: 52890
Secret Service dog!
id: 52891
The Capitol down the road
id: 52892
Matt meets Neil
id: 52893
Matt's first time in VR
id: 52894
VR is pretty cool
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