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08/31/18 - Daily slice of life photos for August 2018

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id: 52895
This is where the higher up people at Goddard work
id: 52896
Building 3! This is where I work now
id: 52897
Look at the size of this moth!!!
id: 52898
It's ridiculous!!!
id: 52899
Inside the dev lab
id: 52900
Ominous clouds at Goddard
id: 52901
I bought some extra bedding gor guests
id: 52902
Neil likes bedding
id: 52903
Buzz likes box
id: 52904
Conrad loves photos
id: 52905
This pillow is in the main conference room on our project
id: 52906
I came to work and discovered this trap in my office floor
id: 52907
Hi Harrison!
id: 52908
Ultimate speed machine
id: 52909
Looking back at Building 3
id: 52910
This fire hydrant has a hat
id: 52911
I was able to take care of some DMV stuff right at work! They brought an office in a bus!
id: 52912
Giant spider web on my house
id: 52913
Books on my shelf at work
id: 52914
Dead Cells is pretty good
id: 52915
So many spiders live on, near, and in my house
id: 52916
Surprise Scott!
id: 52917
Buzz is sleppy
id: 52918
Neil is thinking about stuff
id: 52919
Laptop pile
id: 52920
Bunny on my lawn!
id: 52921
Wsam with my Lego second stage
id: 52922
The last photo of she who shall not be named
id: 52923
New team member Alex!
id: 52924
Dan loves photos
id: 52925
I got an Instant Pot!
id: 52926
Flying through the skyyy
id: 52927
This picture is almost identical to the last one but I'm too lazy to delete it!
id: 52928
Dad shows off his uh.. creative window repair
id: 52929
Dad is cheerful as always
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