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08/31/18 - The family hangs out on the patio on the night before Melissa's wedding

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id: 52930
Juliet wants Caitlin's attention
id: 52931
Uncle Michael and Aunt Diane
id: 52932
Talking with your hands while holding a drink is a tricky skill
id: 52933
Aunt Teresa rescues a jar from Sully
id: 52934
Enter: Becky
id: 52935
Becky's just here to have fun
id: 52936
Camera dual!
id: 52937
Hi Mom
id: 52938
Uncle Michael's got a beer and a story
id: 52939
Looking around
id: 52940
"And the hamburger was THIS big!" (I have no idea what she was actually saying)
id: 52941
Caitlin seems concerned
id: 52942
Or no
id: 52943
How high can Sully fly?
id: 52944
Safe and sound on Brandon's shoulders
id: 52945
Uncle Stephen shows Juliet the marina
id: 52946
Juliet and her grandpa
id: 52947
Aunt Dani doesn't seem to like where this story is going
id: 52948
Father and daughter
id: 52949
The gang out on the patio
id: 52950
Juliet showing off her jewelry
id: 52951
I look forward to the day that Juliet is old enough to regret that this photo exists
id: 52952
Really aggressive jewelry demo, Juliet
id: 52953
One ring to rule them all?
id: 52954
Aunt Teresa's got beer!
id: 52955
Aunt Dani and Mom
id: 52956
Juliet has hair everywhere
id: 52957
Captured by Uncle Stephen again
id: 52958
Caitlin's having fun
id: 52959
Aunt Kathy's here!
id: 52960
Aunt Kathy's ready to hang out
id: 52961
Uncle Stephen and Juliet
id: 52962
Cool sunglasses
id: 52963
So incredulous!
id: 52964
Three sisters
id: 52965
Sully seems unsure about Mom
id: 52966
"Who are you again?"
id: 52967
Perhaps a glasses offer will clear things up
id: 52968
Offer accepted
id: 52969
Sully takes a bracelet in exchange
id: 52970
Hahaha, Mom's so happy and Sully is so suspicious
id: 52971
Caitlin also thinks it's funny
id: 52972
Say cheese!
id: 52973
Brandon makes goofy faces for the kids
id: 52974
Mom and Gouldings
id: 52975
Greg's here!
id: 52976
Greg and Emma!
id: 52977
No more talking
id: 52978
Beard Club and Emma
id: 52979
And the California delegation has arrived!
id: 52980
Aunt Teresa and Uncle Brian
id: 52981
Some young Youngs
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