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09/16/18 - From the ashes of Rippoween rises Oktoberfest!

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id: 53033
Nothing strange here. Just Vic packing a bunch of Move controllers into a lunch box
id: 53034
Bryce supervises Amanda's seat installation
id: 53035
There. Now Bryce and I don't have to just roll around on the floor in the back
id: 53036
Vic's house is from the future
id: 53037
Bryce like beer
id: 53038
Amanda and Vic also like beer
id: 53039
Tony's got a horn and he knows how to use it
id: 53040
Vic is amazed by Bryce's pretzel-mustarding technique
id: 53041
Mmm, Tony pizza
id: 53042
Mmmm, beer made by Tony
id: 53043
Team lawn
id: 53044
Vic brought his own gigantic stein
id: 53045
Tony considers his next move
id: 53046
Amanda considers the pretzels
id: 53047
I like the funny little cheese hut. It's there to protect from bugs
id: 53048
Vic is ready for drinking
id: 53049
Keith is practically cosplaying at this point
id: 53050
James and baby
id: 53051
Emily and different baby
id: 53052
Tony and not his baby
id: 53053
Now the baby has a hat!
id: 53054
The hat is a little big
id: 53055
That baby's got his eye on me
id: 53056
Matching hats? Almost
id: 53057
James and baby are on team hat
id: 53058
Oh no! A challenger appears!
id: 53059
This baby was fascinated by the camera
id: 53060
Uhh.. hello
id: 53061
Koda looking more suspicious than ever
id: 53062
"Hey kid!"
id: 53063
Listen hard, Koda
id: 53064
OK, now Koda looks like a normal dog
id: 53065
id: 53066
Hey everyone.. it's Koda!
id: 53067
Why are we looking up One Piece?
id: 53068
Tony: Bringer of Booze
id: 53069
Amanda has a weird leather cup
id: 53070
Steph liberates the cheese from its anti-bug shield
id: 53071
Steph's here!
id: 53072
I think Tony is making meth
id: 53073
More bottles!
id: 53074
id: 53075
Koda checks out the grass
id: 53076
id: 53077
Scary yawn, Koda
id: 53078
Koda and Tony
id: 53079
No, you're not allowed to investigate my bag
id: 53080
Oh no. Oh NO. It's Brett
id: 53081
Brett and Koda
id: 53082
Bryce, caught in the act
id: 53083
Nerds in the backyard
id: 53084
Time for nerd tag?
id: 53085
Vic's got a whole self-contained system here
id: 53086
Bryce is ready to battle
id: 53087
Brett is ready for spooky stories
id: 53088
Amanda is ready to protect her drink
id: 53089
Vic.. doesn't seem ready
id: 53090
Amanda was unbeatable. No one could knock her over!
id: 53091
Protect the beer!
id: 53092
Amanda knocks another opponent off balance
id: 53093
Nerd tag at night!
id: 53094
Time for some night stump
id: 53095
We took turns holding flashlights
id: 53096
Starting another round
id: 53097
id: 53098
Moody Koda
id: 53099
Crazy Koda
id: 53100
This complete idiot had a bright glittering crystal bird hanging from their rear view mirror. Are you kidding me??
id: 53101
Vic got all excited when he realized we were driving past this place: Harold's
id: 53102
Their whole thing is completely unreasonably large food
id: 53103
They're VERY big
id: 53104
Bye, Harold's
id: 53105
Vic insisted I have my sandwich while it was still warm so I had to assemble it in the back seat like a crazy person
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