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10/13/18 - Exploring DC with Topaz!

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id: 53154
Hello, Skylab
id: 53155
Pressure meter on David Scott's spacesuit
id: 53156
Suit hookups
id: 53157
David Scott's suit!
id: 53158
America's first (attempted) satellite. Oops.
id: 53159
Hey cool! A piece of Sputnik! Who is Arthur Dula and why did he have it?
id: 53160
Mike Melvill's flight suit!
id: 53161
And helmet
id: 53162
A full size mockup of the bipod foam that struck Columbia's wing
id: 53163
LM ascent engine
id: 53164
id: 53165
We waited too long to get a glimpse at the cockpit of a 747
id: 53166
The camera that Pete Conrad and Alan Bean cut off of Surveyor 3!
id: 53167
That sure is a good looking block of aerogel. Just, you know, if you wanted to license it or something.
id: 53168
X-15 #3
id: 53169
Looking down at LM-2
id: 53170
id: 53171
Topaz and I like space
id: 53172
Topaz checks out Gemini IV
id: 53173
The very moment Topaz noticed a bunch of helicopters behind me
id: 53174
And there they are!
id: 53175
Topaz and the Capitol
id: 53176
Capitol building
id: 53177
It's bigger than it seems
id: 53178
And here we are!
id: 53179
Fancy dome. And recently visible again since the scaffolding is gone
id: 53180
Topaz and the Capitol
id: 53181
Looking back down the Mall
id: 53182
Hey look it's the White House!
id: 53183
Oh.. right.. the White House makes Topaz sad these days
id: 53184
Washington Monument
id: 53185
Looking down the Mall at the Capitol
id: 53186
id: 53187
The Lincoln Memorial is popular
id: 53188
So many people!
id: 53189
Wow, this lady was ahead of the times. I'm captioning this in April 2019 and Biden's been in trouble for this kind of behavior
id: 53190
id: 53191
Nice flag
id: 53192
Vietnam statues
id: 53193
Exploring Martin Luther King's memorial
id: 53194
Martin Luther King
id: 53195
Jefferson Memorial
id: 53196
Here comes a helicopter!
id: 53197
It's loud
id: 53198
The Washington Monument during Golden Hour looks nice
id: 53199
id: 53200
Jefferson Memorial in the sunset
id: 53201
More people exploring
id: 53202
id: 53203
He's got a fancy spotlight
id: 53204
Plane and moon
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