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10/31/18 - Daily slice of life photos for October 2018

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id: 53205
This fire hydrant is ready to party
id: 53206
id: 53207
I don't even need to decorate for Halloween
id: 53208
Neil loves the back of the chair
id: 53209
Cat nap
id: 53210
id: 53211
GEDI! This was later mounted to the outside of the ISS
id: 53212
The grapple fixture they use to move it around
id: 53213
Pronounced like the Star Wars "Jedi"
id: 53214
Getting ready for a two day technical interchange meeting
id: 53215
Hey it's Air Force One!
id: 53216
Just doing laps around Goddard for some reason
id: 53217
Whoa, hornets!
id: 53218
Here comes Air Force One again
id: 53219
Planes are loud
id: 53220
id: 53221
Hi Dan
id: 53222
More stickers for the water bottle!
id: 53223
Wanikani sent me one!
id: 53224
Tom seems suspicious
id: 53225
ASIST training
id: 53226
The stupid "go nowhere" traffic circle at Goddard
id: 53227
Stickers and patches piling up
id: 53228
Books at my desk at work
id: 53229
We like da moon!
id: 53230
Nate and Gaby! They listen to the podcast so I invited them on a tour of Goddard!
id: 53231
Nate and gaby
id: 53232
Gaby is really into the podcast. It's weird meeting listeners in person, haha
id: 53233
Goddard tours are always fun!
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