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11/30/18 - Daily slice of life photos for November 2018

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id: 53316
This should be Dan's business card
id: 53317
Fall colors!
id: 53318
This is what they used to look at my stomach
id: 53319
Leaves outside Building 21
id: 53320
Weird leaves
id: 53321
Waiting for the train to DC
id: 53322
The actual plates containing the first observations of Pluto!
id: 53323
I love fall
id: 53324
Hanging in the FOC
id: 53325
Amanda has a buddy
id: 53326
Little Bear has a project
id: 53327
Don't take her project
id: 53328
Little Bear looks so suspicious with that weird eye
id: 53329
Little Bear cannot handle Annalise
id: 53330
Hanging out at Bryce's parent's house for his birthday
id: 53331
Sue and Vic compare elaborate ways to get more stuff out of a Disney trip
id: 53332
This is what a lot of my mornings look like. Grabbing breakfast at Goddard and doing some math
id: 53333
Starting an all day meeting about the Launch and Transit phase!
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