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12/23/18 - Christmas with Mom, Becky, and Nick! We celebrated a little early to make travel easier

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id: 53403
Mom loves her Christmas tree
id: 53404
Pictures of pictures!
id: 53405
It's a nice Christmas tree setup. First Christmas in Portland!
id: 53406
Macaroni settles in for some table-lounging
id: 53407
Oh no! Macaroni's lounging has been interrupted!
id: 53408
How rude, Mom
id: 53409
Macaroni settles on chewing wrapping paper
id: 53410
Nick and Becky are ready to open presents
id: 53411
I got Mom some chicken art! She loves that stuff!
id: 53412
What'd Becky get?
id: 53413
Becky love shirt
id: 53414
Some sort of charm?
id: 53415
More weird art blocks, haha
id: 53416
Becky loves the mug I got her
id: 53417
Though I don't think she'll bring it to work
id: 53418
The sun glare tried to censor the mug
id: 53419
Mom made Becky a unicorn!
id: 53420
What to name it??
id: 53421
Mom joins the latest cooking trend sweeping the nation
id: 53422
id: 53423
Maraconi loves Christmas cause there's so much apper
id: 53424
Catch the paper!
id: 53425
Becky had an issue with the Amazon order for some of my gifts.. so just gave me pictures, haha
id: 53426
Mom got a massage thing from Becky
id: 53427
Is it comfy?
id: 53428
Shoulder massage!
id: 53429
I hid a box for Becky in the hallway.. what could it be?
id: 53430
It's the beach chairs she wanted!
id: 53431
Yaaay, beach chair!
id: 53432
Whoa, don't lounge too hard, Becky
id: 53433
Becky is so excited for beach chairs
id: 53434
We can't go right now
id: 53435
You can wear it like a backpack and carry all you need for the day!
id: 53436
I got Mom an illustration of Portland
id: 53437
Mom's building is somewhere in here
id: 53438
I didn't get to play with my yellow controllers that day, but they basically haven't left my Switch since they arrived! Love them!
id: 53439
Mom's got a new hat
id: 53440
And a backpack!
id: 53441
Nice backpack
id: 53442
Becky's got more stuff
id: 53443
id: 53444
It's.. some weird folding shoe that Becky was very excited about
id: 53445
Becky loves folding shoes
id: 53446
Holy crap! Mom got me an Apollo command module replica!
id: 53447
This completes the set, along with Mercury and Gemini from previous years
id: 53448
It's gorgeous. And gets lots of comments at work. Thanks, Mom!
id: 53449
It's specifically Columbia, the CM from Apollo 11
id: 53450
Becky has a side gig modeling vests
id: 53451
Mom got me a photo printer so I immediately printed one of the photos from earlier that day
id: 53452
id: 53453
Now that is a Christmas ham.
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