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12/25/18 - Hanging out with Mom in Portland!

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id: 53454
This represents all the ships for WWII they built here
id: 53455
Mom's excited to look at history stuff
id: 53456
Names of people who worked on the ships
id: 53457
Information about all the effort that went into supporting the war
id: 53458
Funny little lighthouse
id: 53459
But who is it for?
id: 53460
Mom coming up to check out the lighthouse
id: 53461
id: 53462
id: 53463
Hey that's that same boat again!
id: 53464
Pretty calm water
id: 53465
These are some really intense binoculars
id: 53466
What can you see, Mom?
id: 53467
Santa's done giving out gifts
id: 53468
So many mugs at this pubg!
id: 53469
Cozy little pubg
id: 53470
Let's try out the InstantPot!
id: 53471
Mom looks so bewildered. Thanks for the fun visit!
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