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12/31/18 - I go to Natalia's New Year's party with Dan and Katie!

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id: 53472
I didn't really get a good picture but while carrying the crockpot of meatballs, Dan managed to trip, break the lid, and cut his finger open. He saved the meatballs though
id: 53473
Gathering in the kitchen
id: 53474
Dan concentrates on meatballs
id: 53475
Natalia prepares Irish Car Bombs for people
id: 53476
Russ and Dan are ready
id: 53477
Natalia is ready
id: 53478
Aaaaand drop!
id: 53479
This crew is clearly experienced at this
id: 53480
Good meatballs!
id: 53481
Katie guards the fridge
id: 53482
Dan is now the meatball server
id: 53483
Natalia seems excited
id: 53484
Chris is just drinking normal Guinness
id: 53485
Russ and Shawn
id: 53486
Mike, Chris, and Michelle
id: 53487
Someone's dog is here!
id: 53488
Another round of Irish Car Bombs!
id: 53489
I feel like I'd break a tooth if I tried this
id: 53490
Me and Katie have to drive
id: 53491
Oh god, the dog has a diaper on
id: 53492
I'm not sure what Dan has there...
id: 53493
The diaper dog is now a unicorn!!
id: 53494
Danielle is ready to party
id: 53495
Chris and Michelle don't need hats to party
id: 53496
Neither does Natalia
id: 53497
id: 53498
Hello dog, your unicorn horn fell off
id: 53499
Dog want treats!
id: 53500
There's another Chris here!
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