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12/31/18 - Daily slice of life photos for December 2018

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id: 53501
David got all dressed up for the a.i. holiday party
id: 53502
If only David paid so much attention to other aspects of his life
id: 53503
Fun and games in the echo room
id: 53504
Joe likes things
id: 53505
My car is covered in frost
id: 53506
Watching the Cowboy Bebop movie at the Japanese Embassy! One of the cool things about living near DC
id: 53507
Dan evaluates the new Smash Brothers. He was pleasantly surprised
id: 53508
Board games with Katie and Dan at Tony's house!
id: 53509
I just like to make the house as big as possible
id: 53510
David and Tony
id: 53511
This cat was so fluffy!
id: 53512
This is what happens when you order stuff from Japan
id: 53513
Original Haibane Renmei animation references!
id: 53514
It's super cool. I should probably upload this to the OHBB so other Haibane fans can enjoy it
id: 53515
This is the house I grew up in! Not the greatest photos since I just shot it handheld in James' car
id: 53516
James and Rob love Chili's
id: 53517
Beany made this face when she saw the camera and now she has to live with this photo existing
id: 53518
Beany don't care
id: 53519
I was such a concerned lion on Halloween
id: 53520
Mom meets Santa!
id: 53521
Macaroni giving off raptor vibes
id: 53522
Hanging out before Christmas
id: 53523
Becky don't care
id: 53524
Wingardium Levimosa! Swish and flick
id: 53525
Nick's ready for pizza
id: 53526
Last photo of the year! Parked in my driveway right before midnight.
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