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01/31/19 - Daily slice of life photos for January 2019

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id: 53588
Task 2/7 lunch at the sushi place!
id: 53589
Who doesn't love sushi
id: 53590
My car has so rarely seen snow!
id: 53591
Snowy neighborhood
id: 53592
This about as snowy as I've seen it down here
id: 53593
Quasi-frozen water outside the other office
id: 53594
Hi Wsam
id: 53595
Going away party for Autumn!
id: 53596
Justin has a fancy glass
id: 53597
Task 7!
id: 53598
Everyone say cheese!
id: 53599
I bought the lighter that Reki's lighter was based on. Neat
id: 53600
Straight out of Haibane
id: 53601
It even works!
id: 53602
Lunar eclipse!
id: 53603
It's getting darker
id: 53604
Look how red it got!
id: 53605
Annalise blasted through Celeste in one sitting. It helps that she turned on all the assists..
id: 53606
Bryce is ready for some magic
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