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03/14/19 - You're never too old to enjoy a playground

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id: 53725
We decided to take advantage of the swingset outside the community center at work
id: 53726
Elliot seems unsure
id: 53727
Ax, I'm not sure that's for sitting
id: 53728
Push him higher!
id: 53729
Ian and Matt are content to watch these doofuses to theri thing
id: 53730
Alex is having fun
id: 53731
Dan demonstrates how do dislocate both shoulders at once
id: 53732
Mitch can.. Mitch can do this
id: 53733
Pull ups!
id: 53734
Shawn wants to know what us slackers are up to
id: 53735
Dan is having so much fun
id: 53736
What next?
id: 53737
Alex and his rocket ship
id: 53738
Then things took a turn and they started climbing the gross pole. The paint and rust started coming off
id: 53739
What about this thing?
id: 53740
Dan climbs inside
id: 53741
This is Dan's rocket now
id: 53742
What happened to the engine on the right?
id: 53743
Dan is king of the ship
id: 53744
But it's a fun ship
id: 53745
Mitch has moved on to the swings
id: 53746
Tom's here and having the time of his life
id: 53747
Like a good manager, Ax helps Tom achieve new heights
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