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03/20/19 - The Mika photoshoot starring Mika

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id: 53786
Mika has things to say
id: 53787
Mika doesn't understand the colorful cube
id: 53788
Mika demands to know the source of the clicking sound
id: 53789
Is the clicking tasty?
id: 53790
Mika considers the puzzle
id: 53791
Mika is so photogenic
id: 53792
id: 53793
Mika gazes into the future
id: 53794
Mika gazes into the lens
id: 53795
Where are you bringing that ball?
id: 53796
Give the ball back!
id: 53797
This is what Mika thinks of your idea
id: 53798
Trot trot trot
id: 53799
Topaz has some nice lanterns in his office
id: 53800
Office Assistant Mika
id: 53801
Who's a good office assistant?
id: 53802
Mika, look at the camera
id: 53803
Much better. Just a Topaz and his dog
id: 53804
Topaz and his fancy scotch
id: 53805
The fanciest of scotch
id: 53806
Laphoaig scotch glamor shot
id: 53807
Time for a sip!
id: 53808
Topaz's growing bookshelf
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