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03/30/19 - Let's help Dan and Katie move!

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id: 53875
Seems to be a piece of furniture
id: 53876
Whaddya got here, a couch?
id: 53877
Yeah, looks like a couch
id: 53878
Dan says I should feel free to help carry stuff whenever
id: 53879
Pillows count as carrying
id: 53880
Strap it all down
id: 53881
Table disassembly
id: 53882
Furniture party
id: 53883
Truck's getting full
id: 53884
So is my car
id: 53885
Whoa, snakes. Watch out
id: 53886
That's a full truck
id: 53887
Time to move everything into the new house!
id: 53888
Turns out furniture is heavy and stairs are narrow
id: 53889
Everyone is exhausted
id: 53890
Katie tries to ignore all the banging noises
id: 53891
Will it fit?
id: 53892
Just push it up there
id: 53893
Did I mention Katie just came off a 24 hour shift? I think she's done with all this
id: 53894
"Box spring, you're the only one who understands me"
id: 53895
Well this was a nightmare. Never move, anyone.
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