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03/31/19 - Daily slice of life photos for March 2019

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id: 53896
This was the help screen for some weird Evangelion game on the N64. It helped a lot.
id: 53897
Who's ready for wings?
id: 53898
Vic's ready for wings
id: 53899
I turn Bryce's photography technique against him
id: 53900
Chilling on the couch
id: 53901
Buzz is sleepy
id: 53902
Time to try to fix the vibrate motor on my phone
id: 53903
There are a lot of screws
id: 53904
Small screws
id: 53905
I got the back off. Time to pull up the board
id: 53906
It's crazy how much of the phone is just housing and battery
id: 53907
Hope I didn't need that thermal paste..
id: 53908
That little cylinder is the part that broke. Once I dug down to it there was no problem replacing it! Now the phone vibrates again!
id: 53909
Random beach I found while driving around
id: 53910
Mike digs around under the floor
id: 53911
F1 at Greene Turtle
id: 53912
Wsam loves F1
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