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05/20/19 - I spend nine days in the hospital with appendicitis! On vacation! In Orlando!

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James loves emergency rooms
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I'm still alive
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"OK James, you can give the camera back now"
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Over a week later.. I'm up and taking photos again. In between, I had my necrotic appendix removed, experienced an ileus, a small bowel obstruction, CT scans, x-rays, and some heavy duty drugs
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Here's where I spent almost all of my time
id: 53984
This thing pumped fluids and drugs into my veins
id: 53985
These fluids!
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I was way into the goofy balloon
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The day plan. I think the worst I got on the pain scale was around an 8 but I try to reserve the higher numbers. It was bad
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It was an expensive hotel, over $100,000. But insurance helped me get that down to something I could actually pay
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Mom was with me through all of it and kept me alive and sane. She earned some relaxing time on the balcony
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Well.. goodbye Florida. We'll try this KSC trip again in a few months. Hopefully with fewer hospital visits.
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