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05/31/19 - Daily slice of life photos for May 2019

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id: 53991
Astronaut Ricky Arnold came to Goddard to speak about live on the space station. He sat right in front of me in the audience!
id: 53992
Dark clouds and communications equipment
id: 53993
Hey it's Vint Cerf!
id: 53994
This guy helped develop TCP/IP, the bedrock of the internet
id: 53995
The internet is big
id: 53996
Vint Cerf's thoughts on why TCP/IP and the internet worked
id: 53997
He wore headphones so he could hear better
id: 53998
Pretty cool to see a legend talk about his subject
id: 53999
This photo ended up out of focus because I didn't really expect to have the chance to take it and didn't have the camera ready in live-preview mode. So the person who took it for me accidentally focused on the bush. Oh well, it's me and Vint Cerf!
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