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07/16/19 - I revisit Three Mile Island

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id: 54076
Hmm.. air sampling dosimeters.. what could this be for?
id: 54077
Ohh, that's right. Here we are at Three Mile Island!
id: 54078
Reactor Unit 2, site of a partial meltdown
id: 54079
I missed this historical sign last time I was here
id: 54080
Unit 2 and its dormant cooling towers
id: 54081
I shot this as I crossed the street
id: 54082
Looking south
id: 54083
Three Mile Island!
id: 54084
Dormant cooling towers
id: 54085
The base of the towers are cool
id: 54086
Closeup of Unit 2
id: 54087
Unit 1's cooling towers are still chugging along
id: 54088
Unit 1 is peeking up behind that other building
id: 54089
This could've been the epicenter of America's own radioactive exclusion zone
id: 54090
What would this road look like?
id: 54091
One last look at Three Mile Island before getting back on the road to Ithaca
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