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07/17/19 - I drive to Ithaca.. mostly. Hit some car trouble along the way

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id: 54092
Sage words from a vape store
id: 54093
This gnarly front hit me a little while later and it was some really intense rain
id: 54094
I took these shots of the front while at a red light. Later I could barely see anything because of the rain
id: 54095
Well... shit.
id: 54096
This was my view for over two hours when my front-left tire was punctured
id: 54097
This nice cop stopped by to make sure I had help on the way and was OK. I like his three pens
id: 54098
Normally this would be an alarming sight
id: 54099
Hey the tow truck is here!
id: 54100
Poor little Soul
id: 54101
Tow truck mechanisms
id: 54102
My sad tire
id: 54103
We got it up on the truck right before the rain started. The tow truck driver was pretty cool. Turns out he was from my area of Maryland!
id: 54104
Fracking tower
id: 54105
The Kia service place was closed for the night so I had to stay at a motel. You can tell my state of mind since I completely forgot to take pictures of the motel
id: 54106
Walking through Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Looking for breakfast at Rite Aid
id: 54107
Are you mocking me?
id: 54108
The start/finish line crosswalks near the main street in Watkins Glen. (Shot from a red light)
id: 54109
There was a snarl of slow moving traffic moving past this capsized bus. It was slow enough that I took some blind shots with my camera while driving the car. As expected, the shots didn't come out great, with this being the best
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