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07/19/19 - Hanging in Ithaca with Steve and Megan! Guest star: Emily

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id: 54110
Well, it took me about 24 hours due to the flat tire, but I'm finally here
id: 54111
We are now camping. Or cabining. Or something.
id: 54112
The newest Englert: Emily!
id: 54113
Megan and Steve seem to have taken pretty well to the whole parenting thing
id: 54114
Little Emily
id: 54115
Looking out on the lake
id: 54116
This house is so strange. It's like it was built in Minecraft
id: 54117
Let's play a game!
id: 54118
id: 54119
Steve consults the rules
id: 54120
The necessities of summer
id: 54121
Steve and Megan's Mom check how to take lobster tail out
id: 54122
"Step 1, pick up the gross ocean bug. Step 2, take the stuff out"
id: 54123
Steve digs in with the lobster tail
id: 54124
id: 54125
Mike's ready to play some Hanabi
id: 54126
Megan loves games
id: 54127
Emily time!
id: 54128
Steve looks so startled
id: 54129
Someday Emily's gonna get that octopus
id: 54130
Official disco ball
id: 54131
More Carcassonne!
id: 54132
Mike considers his main move
id: 54133
I saw "Mind Eraser" on Steve's mug and asked if he got it at Six Flags New England. Nope!
id: 54134
The boat house
id: 54135
It's a little cleaner today
id: 54136
Hanging on the porch
id: 54137
Steve and Emily
id: 54138
Emily thinks deep thoughts
id: 54139
Confusing stairs
id: 54140
The strangest house
id: 54141
id: 54142
The ducks run away from me
id: 54143
Nice dock
id: 54144
Fishing time?
id: 54145
Looking south, I think, down the lake
id: 54146
Boats live here
id: 54147
This is how pizzas happen
id: 54148
id: 54149
Please don't mix these up
id: 54150
Dinner time! Too much pizza was made but it was great
id: 54151
Steve commits the ultimate Buffalonian sin
id: 54152
The modern father?
id: 54153
Mike has opinions on hops in beer
id: 54154
Late night discussion
id: 54155
Emily sort of has a mohawk going
id: 54156
Goodbye, Minecraft house
id: 54157
These stairs brought to you by M.C. Escher
id: 54158
Wheeling Emily into Ithaca Beer
id: 54159
Beer! I bought some pint glasses and a growler for display. Well, also it was full of beer. Now it's not.
id: 54160
Megan checks on Emily
id: 54161
The Finger Lakes are good
id: 54162
Does baby want a french fry?
id: 54163
Mommy Megan and Emily!
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