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07/23/19 - Ahh, the joys of home ownership. A big branch fell off my tree and smashed my fence. Almost hurt the neighbor's house

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id: 54206
I heard a loud noise in the middle of the night and found this in the morning
id: 54207
id: 54208
Well there's your problem
id: 54209
Yup, that sure is a broken branch
id: 54210
It's eating the neighbor's house!! Luckily it was just barely brushing up against it. No damage was done
id: 54211
The view from the neighbor's side of the fence
id: 54212
Don't eat the house, tree!
id: 54213
You'd be surprised how much it costs to get a tree chopped up. I would've done it myself but didn't want to risk it since it was up against the neighbor's house
id: 54214
Just some leaves, no damage
id: 54215
Careful with that chainsaw
id: 54216
More proof that the neighbor's house is ok
id: 54217
Chainsaws are fun
id: 54218
These guys were pretty good
id: 54219
I didn't pay to haul the branch away so they just threw it in the corner of my backyard
id: 54220
Almost gone
id: 54221
Begone, log!
id: 54222
Just some dead trees left
id: 54223
Guess what was still there at least four months later? That's right. This hole in the fence.
id: 54224
Hang in there, tree
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