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07/25/19 - Otakon 2019 is here! Let's hang out at my house and then go set everything up

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id: 54225
Mel and Topaz like Codenames
id: 54226
Topaz has a fun
id: 54227
Topaz has a snack
id: 54228
Buzz's CEO photo
id: 54229
Come here, Neil!
id: 54230
Who wants a treat?
id: 54231
The cats are ten years old today! Happy birthday, Neil and Buzz!
id: 54232
This is the moment that Dan realized he left his wallet in his car.. at my house
id: 54233
The con before ours was some right-wing thing. So there were a lot of red hats with white text
id: 54234
Robyn has a shirt
id: 54235
Dan tries to find some stray cell signal
id: 54236
He's got his badge!
id: 54237
Now this is a crew
id: 54238
Waiting for Vic and Amanda to arrive with the van
id: 54239
Oh snap!
id: 54240
The van is completely solid at this point
id: 54241
Robyn preps for the server move
id: 54242
All empty!
id: 54243
Will brings in the first load of equipment
id: 54244
Second load
id: 54245
Get out the run book
id: 54246
Dan samples the weird new hallways chairs
id: 54247
oh my
id: 54248
Don't tell me how to live!
id: 54249
This seems safe
id: 54250
I am full of radios
id: 54251
Everyone look like you know what you're doing, Vic's here!
id: 54252
Dan wires up his radio
id: 54253
Vic is distressed to find that we haven't done anything wrong for him to gripe about
id: 54254
I got a picture of Anthony and Robyn at the same time! They make it so difficult. Two for one special!
id: 54255
Mel discovered that "person shouting from the runbook" is a super handy role
id: 54256
You can tell Vic has been burned before
id: 54257
Model puppy
id: 54258
What.. happened here
id: 54259
Dan's ready for his first Otakon
id: 54260
Fixing the wiring
id: 54261
Goddamnit, Mel
id: 54262
Finalizing the setup
id: 54263
Topaz supervises Vic setting up Featured Events
id: 54264
Vid Gal Jen!
id: 54265
Our new TV for the blue/red group is a little smaller
id: 54266
It's the 2019 VAT!
id: 54267
So many seats
id: 54268
How does the server work again?
id: 54269
This reminds me of that crane shot of mission control in Apollo 13
id: 54270
I love Lamen
id: 54271
AMV team dinner!
id: 54272
You can't hide, Robyn!
id: 54273
I finally got my 10 year Otakon pin!
id: 54274
This photo is a work of art. I'm putting Dan, Mel and Anthony's names in here just so my lazy search system can find this photo.
id: 54275
Mel hates these chairs
id: 54276
Laptop test time
id: 54277
Are we done yet?
id: 54278
VAT Lounging
id: 54279
Topaz trying to get the wireless mic to break
id: 54280
Topaz has had a long day
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