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07/29/19 - Otakon's done. Let's pack, party, breakfast, and leave

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id: 54355
This year's "Vic in the elevator shot" is less interesting. Dan stole his thunder
id: 54356
Bye, AMV server!
id: 54357
This is where Otakon lives
id: 54358
F Dreamcast? What do you have against the Dreamcast?
id: 54359
Waiting to make sure we're dropping off our gear in the right place
id: 54360
Someone was signing the lyrics to our AMVs! Also Vic got all crazy-mad when they showed the videos wrong.
id: 54361
Hirokatsu Kihara! He worked on Kiki's Delivery Service and other Ghibli films
id: 54362
I made a ballot ball
id: 54363
Let's find the dead dog
id: 54364
Elevator time
id: 54365
Vic did a very nice tribute Kyoto Animation as the last thing in the VAT this year. But to keep the tradition alive, we watched Come Sail Away, just for us
id: 54366
Wire farm
id: 54367
Vic is master of wires
id: 54368
Goddamnit, Mel
id: 54369
Why, Mel
id: 54370
Will is allowed to coil cables, unlike me
id: 54371
Amanda bought some bathing suit and is showing everyone
id: 54372
Otakon 2019 AMV Department group photo!
id: 54373
Mel finds a way
id: 54374
Dan isn't a princess because he can't feel the pea under all these chairs
id: 54375
id: 54376
Omar has some questions
id: 54377
id: 54378
I've never been on the van trip to the loading dock before
id: 54379
Hey we're on the woof
id: 54380
Vic wishes he wrote down how he fit everything in the first place
id: 54381
Smart to make a sign without the year. "Why are the Otakon Vegas mascots on there?" "In memorium?"
id: 54382
Time for the retro
id: 54383
Dan and Brakus have feedback
id: 54384
Run, Robyn! Don't let Topaz catch you!
id: 54385
Alan gazes into the future
id: 54386
"Alan, do the pointing thing!"
id: 54387
Alan has two IDs! Who does he think he is, Mckeed??
id: 54388
Hanging out while we wait for the group photo
id: 54389
Stairs are fun
id: 54390
Stealing someone else's selfie
id: 54391
Whoa, old timey photo for the staff photo!
id: 54392
Some sort of a tribute for the chief of staff I think
id: 54393
Let's eat Chinese food and get out of this room with the volume turned all the way up on staff videos. Also that guy behind Alan is upset
id: 54394
Mmm.... food. No talking.
id: 54395
They were playing mini documentaries about Otakon back in the day
id: 54396
It took too long to gather all the con chairs for this photo so I gave up on them. Presumably someone got the proper photo
id: 54397
Dan loves the ball pit
id: 54398
Feel the energy. Also, I see that, Anthony
id: 54399
Topaz can't even believe he's awake
id: 54400
How has the $30 breakfast become a tradition. So stupid. We need to find a diner
id: 54401
This year's program guide
id: 54402
Hey I know that thing
id: 54403
"Oops! All Butlers!"
id: 54404
Hey that's us!
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