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08/03/19 - Vic, Amanda, Omar and I enter the strange world that is the final BronyCon

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id: 54416
Oh boy, are we really doing this? Visiting the BCC will be fun
id: 54417
Hey they have the same registration booths as Otakon
id: 54418
Registration was in the old Video 1!
id: 54419
Hey they use the same printer we use too!
id: 54420
Got my badge
id: 54421
Vic and I ensure we can never deny this later after we regret it. Also, am I a jerk for wearing an Otakon jersey to another con?
id: 54422
The BronyCon program guide cover
id: 54423
Checking out the schedule
id: 54424
Our first plushie sighting
id: 54425
Oh! Well... that escalated quickly
id: 54426
The old VAT! It's where the attendees dropped off their little kids, so we weren't allowed in
id: 54427
Vic discovered an ARG (alternative reality game) in the program guide
id: 54428
It's a secret QR code!
id: 54429
Amanda is clearly thrilled by the ARG
id: 54430
These people were stealing chairs to set up a video game station in the hallway
id: 54431
Vic had to get away from this projector setup ASAP
id: 54432
"Stabletop Games"... I get it
id: 54433
id: 54434
Don't mess with this pony
id: 54435
We found their radio gear
id: 54436
Holy crap, that is quite a line. And we don't get to skip it like usual
id: 54437
Fluttershy has a snack
id: 54438
Uhhhh. Uhhhh. Uhhhhhhhh.
id: 54439
More plushies
id: 54440
More giant plushies
id: 54441
Generic Name
id: 54442
The line was so long we had to go outside in the heat. The line control people were pretty ineffective
id: 54443
Do people come to a con like this looking for old yo-yos?
id: 54444
I did not get this sign's permission
id: 54445
I did ask permission to take a photo of this funny sign
id: 54446
Oh my god, did they ever. It was.. really really weird and sort of upsetting. Especially with the kids around
id: 54447
This Boba Fett walked up to Amanda and just pointed to the wanted poster with Pinkie Pie on it
id: 54448
Vic is in his element
id: 54449
Wandering the dealer's room
id: 54450
Sweetie Bot
id: 54451
I got my own plushie to blend in. Trixie rides in style
id: 54452
Vic continues to work on the game
id: 54453
Is this maze part of the game?
id: 54454
So many extra ears
id: 54455
This person has a uh.... friend?
id: 54456
It's Lauren Faust! She created the 4th generation of MLP
id: 54457
Also Bonnie Zacherle, the creator of the original MLP
id: 54458
Our seats for the panel
id: 54459
Trixie's hat stayed in the bag
id: 54460
Bonnie seems thrilled to be involved here
id: 54461
There's weird fake code flying by on the screens
id: 54462
And weird symbols on the ceiling! Is this also part of the ARG
id: 54463
Lauren Faust was pretty cool
id: 54464
Time for Q&A
id: 54465
It was tough to get clear photos from our seats since we were pretty far
id: 54466
This guy...... Yeah.
id: 54467
So many lights
id: 54468
The tech booth is pretty cool in here
id: 54469
Tech ponies?
id: 54470
Well, hello Princess
id: 54471
Oh this project is still going?
id: 54472
What the hell is up with that bottom-right one?
id: 54473
Flim and Flam had quite a show going out in the lobby
id: 54474
What's wrong, Flam?
id: 54475
So many weird nerds
id: 54476
Uhhhhhhhh. When Bronies and Furries collide?
id: 54477
Michelle Creber (Applebloom) and Kathy Sullivan (Spike)
id: 54478
Andrea Libman (Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie) was late
id: 54479
It was super weird hearing the characters' voices come out of just normal people
id: 54480
What the hell is this dolphin thing
id: 54481
Cadance is making friends in the lobby
id: 54482
We found Omar!
id: 54483
More random crowd shots
id: 54484
Do not make direct eye contact with Princess Cadance
id: 54485
This is where that train fell into the subway. Welcome to Baltimore
id: 54486
Spiffy dress
id: 54487
These people were asking for trouble
id: 54488
I checked out the PMV contest just to see how it worked. All the winners were just chosen by the judges, who prattled on about why they chose them. It seemed a lot more about the judges than it needed to be. Also there was a light directly on the screen.
id: 54489
Elevated tech booth
id: 54490
Look at this giant cable just running through the seats!
id: 54491
Fancy board
id: 54492
The PMV room
id: 54493
Haha, they used VLC and just left the default "show the filename" thing on
id: 54494
Get out of here, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
id: 54495
What the hell is this bizarre parade of furries???
id: 54496
Why are there so many furries?? Where are they coming from?? Where are they going??
id: 54497
Vic bought an AR poster. You can look at it on your phone and it gets 3D. I don't get it. Amanda's holding it up so Vic can demonstrate
id: 54498
This picture of Vic exists
id: 54499
This time we got closer seats. Hi Lauren Faust!
id: 54500
Those ceilings are so familiar
id: 54501
Listening to Faust
id: 54502
These people were cosplaying as the "how much I want to talk to people" cards we get with our badges
id: 54503
I didn't get a good photo of this guy but he was wearing the SpaceX spacesuit!
id: 54504
We were running out of stuff to do so we wandered into some sort of cosplay contest
id: 54505
All the contestants lined up. What the hell is that blue thing on the right?
id: 54506
Princess Celestia closes out the con. Well, for us, at least.
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