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08/11/19 - Hanging out with Becky and Dad

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id: 54507
Nice sunrise on the way to the airport
id: 54508
Becky tries out my iPad
id: 54509
Monte! Nick and Becky's dog
id: 54510
Are you supposed to be on the couch?
id: 54511
Nick and Becky's sweet basement setup
id: 54512
id: 54513
Game time!
id: 54514
Both these facial expressions capture a lot about the situation
id: 54515
Who's ready to get breakfast?
id: 54516
Dad's ready to shop
id: 54517
What is this thing?
id: 54518
Scientists have yet to agree
id: 54519
Dad is amazed at all the options
id: 54520
Hey that's where I bought this camera!
id: 54521
Nice face, Dad
id: 54522
Dad was flummoxed by the Rubik's Cube. Not solving it, just why anyone would want to in the first place
id: 54523
He gave it a shot though
id: 54524
Is Monte being a good boy, Becky?
id: 54525
Monte and Becky
id: 54526
Little me and Becky with Dad. I think Becky is a magical firefighter
id: 54527
id: 54528
Yes, I'm taking pictures, Becky
id: 54529
Becky's having fun
id: 54530
I love the photo genre of "Becky making weird faces at pets"
id: 54531
Nick also likes Monte
id: 54532
What is this weird toy
id: 54533
So many dog toys!
id: 54534
You want the toy??
id: 54535
Becky considers Monte
id: 54536
Mom came by to visit too!
id: 54537
Monte gets to work
id: 54538
Hey Monte, your ear is.. never mind
id: 54539
These stairs are really weird
id: 54540
Time to go for a dog walk!
id: 54541
Celeb Becky's paparazzi photo
id: 54542
The shuttle to the airport
id: 54543
Doing Challenger research at the airport
id: 54544
Window seat!
id: 54545
Airplanes are loud. But not as loud as I thought!
id: 54546
Shuttle to the parking lot. Time to drive home!
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