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08/13/19 - I took some photos around the office. Some for their website, and some for mine

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id: 54547
Just look natural!
id: 54548
Pavona points
id: 54549
Natural workers
id: 54550
This is natural working
id: 54551
Ax has arrived and brought the purple
id: 54552
Alex at work
id: 54553
Creeping on Scott
id: 54554
Change your default wallpaper, Scott
id: 54555
Petusky immediately was just like "you want me to look like I'm working or at the camera or what"
id: 54556
Alex also has the default wallpaper!
id: 54557
Mitra will be horrified if she ever notices that this photo is featured at the top of the "careers" page
id: 54558
Hi Mitra!
id: 54559
Mitra loves photos. No not really
id: 54560
Time to debug!
id: 54561
This is the last time we will ever go to this Buffalo Wild Wings. There's bad service and then there's this
id: 54562
Elliot can't even believe it
id: 54563
It took forever and literally 100% of our orders were wrong
id: 54564
Tom's got some Coke!
id: 54565
Debugging continues
id: 54566
Hi Davieau
id: 54567
Tom inspects the screen
id: 54568
Alex didn't make the website
id: 54569
Ian looks so suspicious
id: 54570
Nate thinks about being on the website
id: 54571
Hi Ian
id: 54572
I printed this photo of Davieau and put it on Ian's wall
id: 54573
Pavona and Tom arm wrestling contest! I should've bet on Pavona
id: 54574
The moment Tom realized he was in trouble
id: 54575
Just don't break any bones
id: 54576
Justin's ready for lunch
id: 54577
It was so hot
id: 54578
Never ever ever let Davieau choose the music
id: 54579
Justin shows off Meridian
id: 54580
Get back to work!
id: 54581
Geoff and Mike try to look natural
id: 54582
Geoff sort of got it, haha
id: 54583
Picking over DroneSwam stuff
id: 54584
Justin sets up the propellers
id: 54585
Don't touch them, Josh!
id: 54586
Mike's got the payload
id: 54587
Scary blades
id: 54588
id: 54589
Setting up the scary drone
id: 54590
Scott and his baby
id: 54591
Deploy landing legs!
id: 54592
The DroneSwarm payload
id: 54593
Weird LED cube thing
id: 54594
Oh ho, a new drone
id: 54595
I only included this photo cause Davieau's making a dumb face
id: 54596
Just berating people while eating snacks
id: 54597
Justin lifts the drone
id: 54598
What's in the case?
id: 54599
Hey Jeff's here!
id: 54600
I caught Josh and Geoff mid-meeting. "...thanks JP"
id: 54601
Bob's cool models
id: 54602
I think this is HR land
id: 54603
Mysterious hardware at Davieau's desk
id: 54604
Why is your desk so weird?
id: 54605
Why is this on the floor?
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