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08/31/19 - Goran's bachelor party! Let's hit the beach!

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id: 54606
The art in this rental place is.. something
id: 54607
White Claw?
id: 54608
Let's go to the rooftop bar!
id: 54609
This is the only photo I was able to take inside before they told me I couldn't bring my nice camera in
id: 54610
The view from the rooftop bar
id: 54611
Alcohol is fun
id: 54612
Nice view
id: 54613
Looking back west
id: 54614
Of course I had my cube out
id: 54615
Later we went to this German food place for awesome pretzels and beer
id: 54616
It was dark in there
id: 54617
Joe got everyone these ridiculous shirts that I couldn't handle wearing. And Goran got a Tony Tony Chopper hat
id: 54618
This is a flattering photo of Goran
id: 54619
Heading down to the beach
id: 54620
Beach passes?
id: 54621
How do tents work
id: 54622
Hi Bloo
id: 54623
CJ's ready for the beach
id: 54624
Joe's a doctor so knows the importance of sunscreen
id: 54625
What a ratty looking parachute
id: 54626
I'm pretty sure this is the first time this camera has been to a beach
id: 54627
Lounge mode: engage
id: 54628
Goran has some upsetting swimwear
id: 54629
CJ seems to like the beach better than me
id: 54630
Bloo embraced the pink shirt
id: 54631
id: 54632
I bet this is the first time a hat like this has been on this beach
id: 54633
Joe's bringing the sunscreen humor
id: 54634
Max stares off into the future
id: 54635
Goran simulator
id: 54636
Jello shots!
id: 54637
Bruce Springsteen performed here in some famous concert
id: 54638
Hitting the boardwalk
id: 54639
Waiting for lunch
id: 54640
Why ARE you sushi?
id: 54641
Checking out the weird mall-like thing
id: 54642
This is the weird mall-like thing
id: 54643
There's a second group photo with me in it, but this is the one from my camera
id: 54644
Packing up the tent
id: 54645
How did it work again?
id: 54646
Max isn't ready to leave
id: 54647
Goodbye, beach
id: 54648
Back in the apartment
id: 54649
The reaction to the next part of the evening
id: 54650
Yes. We are going to be riding this ridiculous thing
id: 54651
You pedal it from bar to bar
id: 54652
1000 words
id: 54653
All aboard!
id: 54654
This is going to be a ridiculous trip
id: 54655
Max is into it
id: 54656
Goran's hat...
id: 54657
The pedal car controls
id: 54658
It was actually a lot of effort
id: 54659
Bloo seems uncertain
id: 54660
Wide angle shot!
id: 54661
You can see my lack of shirt participation in this shot
id: 54662
Our driver was great
id: 54663
Bar stop 1
id: 54664
Let's play cornhole!
id: 54665
Goran's got the beanbags
id: 54666
Lining up a shot
id: 54667
Beanbag's in the air!
id: 54668
Bloo's throw
id: 54669
Throw the beanbag, CJ!
id: 54670
Next bar
id: 54671
This thing was supposedly like pizza in a glass
id: 54672
That green drink ended up being problematic
id: 54673
CJ does not like it
id: 54674
Bloo also did not like it
id: 54675
We made a friend at the bar
id: 54676
Goran, why is this drink so bad
id: 54677
Our new friend also hated it
id: 54678
This was the awful drink. Do not buy this drink!
id: 54679
Back to the pedal car thing
id: 54680
Blue Moon is nice
id: 54681
Is this a secret gas tank??
id: 54682
Group photo! I fit in! Also, what happened to Max?
id: 54683
Max is still reeling
id: 54684
Well now what?
id: 54685
Jackbox, obviously
id: 54686
We're on the move again
id: 54687
Vic predicted we would see numerous Jeeps with no doors.. we saw at least one!
id: 54688
It's probably for the best that I didn't get a scooter
id: 54689
The sun's gone
id: 54690
This place was pretty fancy
id: 54691
Where is the food
id: 54692
Hey it's that guy I am
id: 54693
Butter is two dollars! That's how fancy this place is
id: 54694
This food is so smal!
id: 54695
Look at the size of the brim on CJ's salad bowl!
id: 54696
We found some PS2 games in one of those library "take a book / leave a book" boxes
id: 54697
What's in this mysterious place
id: 54698
Whoa, rainbow cloud thing
id: 54699
It's just a bunch of strings!
id: 54700
Looking up into the rainbow cloud
id: 54701
Rainbow rain?
id: 54702
Walking back down the boardwalk
id: 54703
Hey cool, an RC car
id: 54704
The beach is a little less crowded
id: 54705
Silverball museum?
id: 54706
Hi Goran
id: 54707
Where did I even find this
id: 54708
VHS tapes are fun
id: 54709
Time for some night drums
id: 54710
This is a cool wheelchair for sand
id: 54711
Max energy
id: 54712
Of course, Bloo made us some coffee
id: 54713
Hi Joe
id: 54714
More Jackbox!
id: 54715
We're all so funny
id: 54716
Who will win?
id: 54717
Time to clean up and go home
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