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08/31/19 - Daily slice of life photos for August 2019

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id: 54718
Tsao gave me this great poster at Otakon! I tried pretty hard to pay for it but he wouldn't let me
id: 54719
My desk at work
id: 54720
Time to work on the podcast at my favorite Wawa parking spot
id: 54721
id: 54722
id: 54723
Amanda sent a snap of Vic working on his new DOS machine
id: 54724
Dean seems distressed
id: 54725
Reviewing slides at work
id: 54726
Window seat!
id: 54727
Foggy morning
id: 54728
Big meeting
id: 54729
Most of my DS and 3DS games
id: 54730
A bunch of my GBA games
id: 54731
I got tricked into going to a far away lunch
id: 54732
Fancy new watch
id: 54733
New shoes! Neil approves
id: 54734
I set up my Akko figure from Otakon
id: 54735
Figuring out FDS/AGS workflows
id: 54736
The parking lot at work
id: 54737
Tom showed me how to change out windshield wipers
id: 54738
More iPad time in a parking lot
id: 54739
Waiting for my car to be worked on
id: 54740
Haircut time
id: 54741
I sometimes actually park in my garage if there's hail in the forecast
id: 54742
Nice sunny day
id: 54743
Mel makes fun of me for hanging out in my car like this. But if you find a nice place to park it's basically a comfy seat outside, but with a good sound system
id: 54744
Freshly mowed lawn!
id: 54745
Lawns are stupid
id: 54746
But at least the grass is short now
id: 54747
Hanging out at home with Neil and Buzz
id: 54748
Working out at the nearby gym
id: 54749
Goddard parking lot
id: 54750
Sometimes fighter jets fly over Goddard
id: 54751
My room is a mess
id: 54752
Davieau broke something
id: 54753
"Don't take pictures of this!"
id: 54754
The thumbs up makes it
id: 54755
Reading in the Goddard cafeteria
id: 54756
Cheerful name
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