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09/01/19 - Visiting New Jersey to see Vic, Amanda, Bryce, and Vic's new DOS PC

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id: 54757
Amanda is deep into a WoW hole
id: 54758
Vic took the effort to get actual old PC parts to make a new old PC. This way he can play old PC games accurately
id: 54759
This MIDI equipment is bigger than the PC!
id: 54760
Good Afternoon
id: 54761
Accurate X-COM!
id: 54762
Vic is into some crazy stuff here
id: 54763
This isn't even accurate
id: 54764
Time for SoundBlaster! WATCH YOUR LEVELS
id: 54765
The Otakon edition of Doom! It would probably be received differently today
id: 54766
Hey Bryce is here!
id: 54767
So much MIDI nonsense
id: 54768
The Dig!
id: 54769
Hey it's LC-39A!
id: 54770
Bryce played a bunch of The Dig
id: 54771
Amanda loves her WoW
id: 54772
Sam? Dean? You be the judge
id: 54773
Space bones
id: 54774
DOS is fun
id: 54775
It even has Windows 3.1! This was the first thing I did. Vic wouldn't let me apply it though
id: 54776
Bryce do you like the Hot Dog theme?
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