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09/30/19 - Daily slice of life photos for September 2019

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id: 54777
Due to a miscommunication from the school, only two people showed up to Conrad's first Optics and Quantum Class! Oops
id: 54778
The best cook at the cafeteria. She makes a great omelet faster than you can believe
id: 54779
Building 13 has a great painting of Columbia
id: 54780
Right after ET sep or right before reentry I guess
id: 54781
Is that.. like.. textbook wrapping? Holding a bumper on?
id: 54782
Geoff gave a great talk about rotating frames
id: 54783
Conrad's class. If he let me use my nice camera I'd get some pretty great shots. But it'd be pretty distracting
id: 54784
So much chalk
id: 54785
Snaps from Tony
id: 54786
Dan's desk
id: 54787
Fun optical illusion
id: 54788
The frog was in the bottom the whole time!
id: 54789
Hi Buzz
id: 54790
Snaps from James
id: 54791
Annie does great little cat art
id: 54792
How we communicate at NASA
id: 54793
Back to reading in the car
id: 54794
All-hands meeting
id: 54795
And BBQ!
id: 54796
I got this challenge coin for giving my Challenger talk.. somewhere
id: 54797
The back of the coin. Neat!
id: 54798
It goes on my desk with some other neat stuff
id: 54799
What are these weird marks in the dust?? Was a raccoon trying to close this?
id: 54800
James had a fun flight
id: 54801
This looks almost identical to an earlier photo.. cause I was doing this a lot when the weather was nice
id: 54802
Hanging with Bryce
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