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10/11/19 - The gang, including Clark James and his wife, come to visit GSFC, the ROC, and my house!

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id: 54811
Well this is quite a crew! Clark James, me, Mel, Bryce, James' wife Madeline, and Dan!
id: 54812
Look at the size of that space telescope, that's so funny
id: 54813
Discovery looking good!
id: 54814
Dan demonstrates how space happens
id: 54815
Soyuz, you so little
id: 54816
Checking out the old Delta behind the visitor's center
id: 54817
Yeah, space is pretty cool
id: 54818
James found this random kitchen knife in the parking lot for B29
id: 54819
The ROC was open and photos were allowed! This is our full-sized Landsat-7 mockup
id: 54820
Landsat-7! We're coming for you!
id: 54821
Big shiny spaceship
id: 54822
James is into it
id: 54823
Someone made a tiny Wilson out of a tennis ball
id: 54824
Mel and Dan are thinking about starting a band
id: 54825
Mel's all about ruining perfectly good photos by deploying The Crazy Eyes
id: 54826
id: 54827
This is the hexapod. It simulates the movements of Landsat-7 as our arm moves in for capture
id: 54828
The gold thing is Landsat-7 and the silver thing is a mockup of our payload, which sits on top of the main spacecraft bus. We use heavy industrial arms for practice and development
id: 54829
Another view of the hexapod
id: 54830
Back of the hexapod
id: 54831
See that boxy protrusion at the bottom-left? That's the cover over the fill and drain valve. That's what we need to cut off
id: 54832
Me with Landsat-7!
id: 54833
"It's right behind me, isn't it"
id: 54834
James and Madeline with Landsat-7
id: 54835
Don't clap at the phone!
id: 54836
James demonstrates the different stages of refueling
id: 54837
And then there's this thing
id: 54838
I think that instrument at the top-right is the main camera
id: 54839
Looking down at the rest of the ROC. We didn't go down there since another tour was going on
id: 54840
James and Bryce peek into the back of the SSDIF
id: 54841
James saw these stairs with some sort of sign saying not to go to the top.. so he immediately got on the bottom
id: 54842
Checking out the scary centrifuge
id: 54843
Checking out the scary vibe room
id: 54844
Dan's been on this tour a few times
id: 54845
James, Madeline, Bryce, Mel, and Dan with the SES
id: 54846
Look at the size of that subwoofer, that's so funny
id: 54847
James with the hydraulics-driven subwoofer
id: 54848
Mel and Madeline at the observation window
id: 54849
Hanging around, looking at the SSDIF
id: 54850
Back at my house.. it's time for fun and games!
id: 54851
Games and beer are fun
id: 54852
Dan loves games
id: 54853
Neil! Looking good!
id: 54854
Mel and Bryce are in the Hood Club
id: 54855
Yeahhhh, hood club for life
id: 54856
This was a mean picture I took and decided to keep for all eternity. We'll never forget, Mel!!
id: 54857
Ha, what's that face, James?
id: 54858
Hanging around the Codenames table
id: 54859
Mel's having fun
id: 54860
James thinks deep thoughts
id: 54861
The Clark James story
id: 54862
Bye Madeline and James! Thanks for visiting! Have a good road trip!
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