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10/12/19 - Mel and Dan clash in an intense cooking competition

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id: 54863
Magic is fun! Dan looks confused because Magic is confusing
id: 54864
Mel gets ready for the cooking contest
id: 54865
Yeah, this is going to be a good contest
id: 54866
Dan's got to rethink his plan. The pizza dough arrived frozen!
id: 54867
So much food! The theme was "pockets" and the secret ingredients were a special hot sauce (from Bryce) and "gelatin" from me
id: 54868
The competitors at work
id: 54869
This looks like baking
id: 54870
Dan chops a thing
id: 54871
Mel accidentally spilled a bunch of gelatin-rich sauce. Whoops
id: 54872
We couldn't find a can opener so I opened this one the hard way. It's a miracle none of us needed stitches
id: 54873
Dan's calzone bases
id: 54874
Mel in full madness mode
id: 54875
It's almost time to eat!
id: 54876
Mel makes final preparations
id: 54877
Dan's calzones are looking great!
id: 54878
Mel's crustini is also looking great!
id: 54879
Final touches
id: 54880
Opening bottles is hard
id: 54881
No matter what, we all win because we get to eat this delicious food!
id: 54882
Mel prays to the cooking competition gods
id: 54883
Bryce settles in to judge the food
id: 54884
Dan makes a dumb face
id: 54885
Mel won the competition! But both meals were excellent!
id: 54886
Later that night I found some of Mel's gelatin spill in a seltzer box
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