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10/19/19 - Visiting NYC to see Intrepid with Josh and MBMBaM with the gang!

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id: 54887
Nice morning for a train ride
id: 54888
Hey it's the new 2U building!
id: 54889
It's that crazy stair egg thing
id: 54890
It's pretty neat in person
id: 54891
Josh pointed out that this building looks like a butt
id: 54892
This building does not look like a butt
id: 54893
Hi Josh
id: 54894
This structure slides back and forth like the New Safe Confinement!
id: 54895
I think this is the building I saw being constructed on my daily commute
id: 54896
Josh and I are going to see the museum on the Intrepid!
id: 54897
Look at all those airplanes
id: 54898
Hudson Yards
id: 54899
F-16 looking good
id: 54900
SR-71 is getting some work done
id: 54901
This is a jet-looking jet
id: 54902
Cool folding wings
id: 54903
id: 54904
Handle with care
id: 54905
id: 54906
These wires look.. fine
id: 54907
I want totouch
id: 54908
Josh was fascinated by these tubes that people could shout into as a power-free intercom
id: 54909
So many phones
id: 54910
These are some intense looking dials
id: 54911
Some old veterans were there to explain how stuff worked. Very cool
id: 54912
Not a bad bed
id: 54913
Ludicrous speed?
id: 54914
I wonder what modern equivalent of this looks to
id: 54915
Cool 24 hour clock
id: 54916
Josh is a sailor man
id: 54917
Josh declares this to be a ship of peace
id: 54918
Nice view
id: 54919
Hey this area sure looks familiar
id: 54920
Do not touch!
id: 54921
More strange instruments
id: 54922
id: 54923
The view from the brudge
id: 54924
Look at Josh. He is the captain now.
id: 54925
Let's go see Enterprise!
id: 54926
T-38! This is the jet that astronauts learn how to fly
id: 54927
OV-101 looking good as always
id: 54928
It's so hard to get a good photo of Enterprise in this small space
id: 54929
Fred Haise and Gordon Fullerton looked through these windows during the first flight of Enterprise
id: 54930
Chunky wings
id: 54931
Looking down the port side
id: 54932
Enterprise doesn't get enough credit
id: 54933
Josh with Enterprise
id: 54934
Me with Enterprise. I have a gigantic and heavy backpack on
id: 54935
Decent wide angle shot of Enterprise
id: 54936
Scars for her sister, OV-102
id: 54937
Another view of the left wing
id: 54938
So many tiles. Well, no tiles, really. But normally there's a lot of tiles here
id: 54939
Scars from STS-107 testing
id: 54940
Wind tunnel model of the orbiter
id: 54941
Wind tunnel model of an early version of the shuttle
id: 54942
Signatures from the RCC team?
id: 54943
The RCC panels are big
id: 54944
Enterprise still has its name on the payload bay door, the old style
id: 54945
Soyuz is a little smaller
id: 54946
id: 54947
Josh and I wondered why they were selling this donut toy
id: 54948
What it looks like to recover a Gemini
id: 54949
Concorde! Someday I'll get down there
id: 54950
Josh considers getting into the bunk
id: 54951
It was very uncomfortable
id: 54952
I almost beat the day's score for landing the shuttle simulator! I was just slightly too fast
id: 54953
The side of Gemini
id: 54954
It's time to see The Adventure Zone!
id: 54955
Suz is excited
id: 54956
No real cameras were allowed in the theater for some reason, so cell photos are all I've got
id: 54957
It was an incredible theater
id: 54958
The view from our seats!
id: 54959
Become the Monster
id: 54960
It's the McElroys!
id: 54961
It was a great show
id: 54962
Justin and Clint McElroy
id: 54963
Who are you pointing at?
id: 54964
Clint's got a Narfblaster!
id: 54965
The view from the new 2U office
id: 54966
Suz tries the weird hanging eggs
id: 54967
Nice new place!
id: 54968
Back at the theater for My Brother My Brother and Me
id: 54969
My Brother My Brother And Me!
id: 54970
Our seats for MBMBaM were further back but we didn't have anyone in front of us
id: 54971
Justin and Sydnee!
id: 54972
Suz is excited about intermission
id: 54973
Hi Suz
id: 54974
Check out the crazy ceiling in the theater
id: 54975
The brothers do their work
id: 54976
In classic NYC style we went to an unbearably small and expensive place for food. Great pretzel!
id: 54977
Poor AJ was sick all weekend
id: 54978
What AJ thinks of this photo
id: 54979
Codenames is fun
id: 54980
It's a sundog! That's the sun on the left and the sundog on the right. It happens when light is refracted by high altitude ice crystals
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