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10/26/19 - I run a 24 hour Kerbal Space Program charity event and try to not go insane

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id: 54981
Unloading the gear. Cupcakes and cookies count as gear
id: 54982
Cupcake disaster
id: 54983
Moe was super super helpful setting up the stream
id: 54984
I brought in the podcast microphone!
id: 54985
Barton and his girlfriend swung by a few times to check on us
id: 54986
Who wants some space swag?
id: 54987
The stream is running!
id: 54988
We all took different shifts. The checkerboard thing is actually a target for our drones. I just borrowed it to stick the webcam on it
id: 54989
This looks like it's going well
id: 54990
Nick spent a few hours with us and got us some lunch. Or maybe it was dinner. It sort of blends together
id: 54991
Tom got a certain song stuck in our head
id: 54992
De-sharked Tom takes a stab at building a rocket
id: 54993
Tom's rocket had a few issues, but I think he was just goofing off
id: 54994
Josh has his own stream to watch
id: 54995
Space is fun
id: 54996
This looks.. practical
id: 54997
Demonstrating the sound of the slap bracelets on the stream
id: 54998
So much junk food! We ended up not even touching a lot of this
id: 54999
Thanks for the food, Elliot!
id: 55000
We spent far too much time trying to land this beast
id: 55001
7 hours later.. it was 5:27am and I was losing my mind. The home stretch was rough but we raised a bunch of money for charity!
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